BMW M135i - 3.0L

Recently tuned in Sittingbourne for more power torque and throttle response was this BMW M135i.

These tune really well, giving great performance gains with an all over improvement in drivability and we can also tune the auto gearbox for even bigger gains.

  • Original = 319 BHP - 450 NM

  • Tuned = 380 BHP - 520 NM

BMW M5 4.4 V8


Recently we went to New Romney to see one of our valued repeat customers, Mark. He’s had his Audi A5 and his Land Rover Discovery tuned by us in the past so I was pleased to get a call from him to go and tune his new toy (his very slow M5!).

The F10 M5 is the same as BMW's other flagship cars like the F80, M3 and M4 and they’re heavily de tuned from the factory giving them bags of tuning potential through a software calibration alone. Great news for us and anyone luckily enough to own one of these brutes!


Original 575 BHP - 750 NM
Tuned 680 BHP - 850 NM

So that's + 105 BHP and + 100 NM gained by just software, not to mention the improved throttle response and drivability.

BMW 320i, Sheerness Kent


Recently Remapped In Sheerness, Sam's very tidy looking 320i. Already had the looks but needed a little more power to match and it certainly got a good power boost.

These 2.0L engines are heavily de-tuned through the software from the factory good news for anyone who has one as a custom remap totaly transforms the throttle response, power and drivability.

Original 184 BHP - 270 NM
Tuned 260 BHP - 420 NM

BWW E92 M3 4.0 V8 in Dartford, Kent

Dartford bound to tune this beautiful M3, not massive gains to be had from these already tuned V8's but a noticeable improvement in throttle response and overall drivability once the modified software is wrote to the ecu.

These are a long read and write time extracting the original data and writing the mod file so if you are thinking of having yours done make sure you have allowed for plenty of time in the day for the work to be completed!

A noticeable improvement in throttle response and overall drivability on this beautiful M3.

Original = 420 BHP - 400 NM
Tuned = 439 BHP - 430 NM


We always get fantastic results throughout the entire range of BMW vehicles so call today! Here are just a few examples of BMW remaps, with very happy customers. 

A huge 100 NM torque increase for this BMW 330D!!Original - 231 BHP | 500 NM
Tuned - 275 BHP | 600 NM



BMW 330D remapped with our popular 50/50 option. On this vehicle we can increase the performance by 44 BHP and 100 NM but also improve the fuel economy too, the best of both worlds!