If your Volkswagen, Audi or Seat has a DSG gear box then why not discover its full potential while at the same time complimenting your engine remap.

Our custom DSG Remapping service will alter the following parameters and options:

Full Manual Mode: When the vehicle is in manual mode, the stock DSG software will force an up or down change in the gearbox. Our custom DSG remapping services enables us to provide you, the driver, with full control by preventing this gearbox change. Please note this is specific to the model of the vehicle.

Increased Torque Limiter: During engine tuning the torque limiters are increased. However, if the vehicle is equipped with a DSG gearbox then we can raise the DSG torque limiter to match the engine's torque output, as the engine output will be limited by the torque limiter set in the DSG module. That's where we come in. 

Launch Control: Launch control will allow your car to produce the perfect launch every time, reducing your 0 to 60 time and increasing the enjoyment aspect of your vehicle.

Quicker Shift Speeds: Did you know shift speeds can be increased by up to 20%? By doing so, lag is reduced and acceleration is vastly improved. An improvement in the shift speeds also provides a smoother transition between gear changes and paddle shift response.

RPM Limits & Shift Set Points: RPM limits and shift set points can have adjustments made in both drive mode and sports mode. Adjustments like these are not enough on a DSG equipped vehicle and the DSG ECU will determine at what RPM the gear shift will take place.