Aston Martin Vantage 4.3 V8

Into Whitstable for this one its always good to see Wayne one of my repeat customers he's had a few cars tuned now and this one tops the bill. We tuned this big V8 for more power and torque with pretty good gains from a N/A engine.

  • Original: 385 BHP 410 NM

  • Tuned: 414 BHP 441 NM

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Porsche 911 Carrera S 3.8

Into Whitstable to remap Doms beautiful Carrera S for more power and torque. After carrying out some diagnostic checks and finding that this low mileage car to be very healthy we went ahead and done a Stage 1 tune making the 3.8 engine pull harder right the way through the rev range

  • Original 355 BHP / 400 NM

  • Tuned 373 BHP / 420 NM

VW Transporter 2.0 TDI 102 BHP


We recently took a trip into Hastings to tune Joffs’ tidy T5. These vans not only look really good they also tune really well as they are the same 2.0 engine used in each of the BHP variants just heavily de tuned through the software alone meaning we can safely take the 102 BHP van to 175 BHP totally transforming the power torque throttle response drivability and also economy all for the better

Original 102 BHP - 250 NM

Tuned 175 BHP - 360 NM

BMW M135i - 3.0L

Recently tuned in Sittingbourne for more power torque and throttle response was this BMW M135i.

These tune really well, giving great performance gains with an all over improvement in drivability and we can also tune the auto gearbox for even bigger gains.

  • Original = 319 BHP - 450 NM

  • Tuned = 380 BHP - 520 NM

Mercedes C63 AMG 6.2

Recently tuned in Medway for improved power torque and throttle response was this C63 AMG.

These already have plenty of power but still have room for improvement unusually for a N/A or non turbo charged engine.

After our pre-tuning checks were carried out, we went ahead and flashed the modified software to the ecu with great results and even better feedback from the customer

  • Original 457 BHP - 600 NM

  • Tuned 510 BHP - 650 NM

2018 Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI 400 BHP


Tuned today at the workshop was this lovely RS3 with a standard 400 BHP these aren't by any means a slow car to start with but with our stage 1 software installed after some checks we managed to pep the power up to a healthy 
470 BHP!

Mercedes S350

We recently stage 1 tuned this very red Mercedes S350 in Strood, Kent. As commonly found with the 350 range, the ecu had to be removed and tuned on the bench this was all carried out at the customers work address.

The results:

Original 258 BHP - 620 NM
Tuned 300 BHP - 700 NM

A very happy customer!

BMW M5 4.4 V8


Recently we went to New Romney to see one of our valued repeat customers, Mark. He’s had his Audi A5 and his Land Rover Discovery tuned by us in the past so I was pleased to get a call from him to go and tune his new toy (his very slow M5!).

The F10 M5 is the same as BMW's other flagship cars like the F80, M3 and M4 and they’re heavily de tuned from the factory giving them bags of tuning potential through a software calibration alone. Great news for us and anyone luckily enough to own one of these brutes!


Original 575 BHP - 750 NM
Tuned 680 BHP - 850 NM

So that's + 105 BHP and + 100 NM gained by just software, not to mention the improved throttle response and drivability.

Mini ONE 1.6L

Tuned at our workshop in Sheerness, this 2012 Mini one 1.6L 98 BHP was fitted with a Bosch MEV 17.2.2 ecu. This was stage one tuned on the bench for improved throttle response and to pull harder right the way through the rev range - also an overall improvement on drivability!


Original 98 BHP 153 NM of torque
Tuned 135 BHP 174 NM of torque